About Accolades Pressure Washing

Accolades Power Washing

As businesses go, pressure washing is a relatively new industry. Pumps capable of pressurizing water to the high pressure needed for this industry didn't come into being until the late 60s. The industry didn't really take off nationwide until the early 80s.

Accolades History

I built my first machine in 1985, at that time it was just 3000 psi at 8 gallons a minute and was considered very large for a hot water machine of its day. I built my own equipment because the industry hadn't yet developed machines even that large that were dependable for commercial use.

Even today the standard commercial machine is only 10 gallons a minute at 3000 psi. For the most part this is because the average pressure washers does not have have the capability of building their own machine and industry hasn't been pushed to build a truly commercial rated machine that has kept up with the industry needs.

Though my first machine is still operating the industry has outgrown it so I built one more than twice as large and it is undoubtedly the largest mobile hot water machine in the nation. This machine and my 25 years of experience in this industry makes me uniquely qualified and knowledgeable to perform any task relating to pressure washing.

So if you have a unique cleaning situation or standard one and need your problem solved or ideas on how to do so I'll be happy to help. My goal is to meet all of your cleaning needs and to leave you smiling.